Kitty Cake High Heel Shoes

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These shoes are walking works of art, Each shoe is hand made by me! (Em) here in Brisbane Australia.
I have etched my artwork in many different forms over my life time, I have tattooed, sculpted, and drawn my way through the world, however nothing has been more iconic to my style then our new range of bake shop shoes!
Each shoe is made with love to make the world a little sweeter, a little brighter & more fun!
How long does it take to receive my delicious new shoes?
Shoes are "Baked" to order and they are hand made. The process requires 5-6 weeks, processing time can vary, you may receive your order sooner then this, however please allow us this much time.
If the time frame is going to vary for any reason we will contact you and give you the heads up!

Things to note

*The style of shoe pictured in the photos are made as samples & may vary to the shoe styles available to be baked / made with

*The shoes design may vary depending on the base shoe you order, a 7cm will vary slightly to a 16cm heel design but the concept remains the same, obviously the shoes are different and so the design is adapted to suit the shoe

*This product is hand made and custom made to order so returns are not accepted

* If your concerned about sizing please contact us, we will do our best to help you out checkout the size chart and size tips for more help

*If you need to cancel A custom shoe order you need to do within 24 hours,
Because after this time frame work may have already begun on your shoes. If work has already started on your shoes and you cancel there will be a fee of $60 for cancelations at this time. If work has not been started on your shoes you will of course get a full refund!

We have created a recipe book! when you create a shoe it will added to the recipe book found here
You can also use the recipe book to help create your heels
Want the shoes as you see them? Follow the recipe