Rainbow Cake Unicorn Sculpture

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Sorry! Our Rainbow Cake Unicorn Sculpture is currently sold out.

This piece is one of 2 new release one of a kind art pieces.

The Rainbow cake unicorn features rainbow swirl lollipops, rainbow piping details and sweet heart candy, with a layer of rainbow sprinkles in the cake, the horn is rainbow sprinkles with piping details

THIS IS NOT EDIBLE It is a sculpture you can keep forever :) 

I released 2 unicorns, these pieces are some of my signature art works based on an ice cream unicorn I created  years ago. 

The unicorn is fully hand painted by brush,  I chose to hand brush instead of using any airbrushing at all... because I believe it gives them more character.

Each unicorn takes around 5 months to complete, with many, many hours invested in each piece. Because of this these sculpts will be very limited with only a few being available per year (at most) 

They are a wall mount, so they hang on the wall. although you could also display them elsewhere as they look great sitting upright on their base to. 

This is the first time any of my one of a kind creations have been available publicly for anyone to purchase