Rainbow Cherry Milkshake Bunny

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You are so sweet I will love you eternally  💜


A very special collab, between my husband and I, my husband is a taxidermist, and these precious little bunnies were our first time doing a collab combining my sugary sweet style with my husbands taxidermy, It was also the first time I have ever formed taxidermy myself, adding adorable little expressions.

They have been sitting in my work area for a couple of months now as we worked on them, and I couldn't help but smile every time I looked at them, I hope whoever scores these little guys gets this joy from them as well  💜

These pieces are mounted in high quality thick and heavy restaurant quality milkshake glasses. and all taxidermy is ethically sourced

These pieces can be purchased now and will ship around nov 3rd (this is to allow time for full curing so nothing is damaged during shipment) 

This piece is one of a kind, there is only 2 milkshake bunnies available